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As nurses, called to the profession, it is difficult to explain just how rewarding nursing is, despite the many hardships we endure. Even more of a challenge would be to quantify the "calling", if you will, that motivates those of us - born to be nurses! A colleague and I have chosen to rise to this challenge. We are compiling a book of Defining Moments, the personal accounts of how nurses are called to practice. Our goal is to bring to light the commmittment, dedication and passion that makes a nurse a nurse. With this, we hope to recruit more nurses to practice and stir the passion that exists in those nurses who are practicing but have lost their spark. Of course, the end relsult is a stronger and more vibrant nursing profession.

Was there a defining moment in your life that led you to nursing? A pivotal person or event? Please help us put the passion that is nursing on paper and change the face of the nursing shortage.

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I worked in care of the elderly for 2 years and now work in NICU I love both areas but what makes it worthwhile is:

having a work coleague say that if ever she was in hospital she hoped she would be looked after by someone like me.

getting called "my special nurse" by patients even after discharge

recieving a big bunch of flowers to "sister Karen" (even though I'm not) and all here staff

getting an unexpected hug from excited parents about to take their baby home

a getting a baby out for its first cuddle and seeing that mum smile as she held her baby

Taking a baby to the door as they are discharged home particually if they have been very sick

getting a personal letter and photo saying thanks from parents who have taken a baby home

holding parents and crying when they host their son then being the first person they told that they were expecting again

working christmas/mothers day/easter and seeing parents excited as they open a card from their baby

seeing babies and parents well and thriving as they visit christmas / after outpatient appiontments etc

Looking after a long term baby ang getting an big smile whenever you enter the room

seeing a mum go from scared to handle their infant to become confidant, happy and ready for discharge

having a new member of staff/student say thank you you were so suportive.

have students say they want to come back when they qualify

I can think or so many more I dont have time to write them all down

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