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Dedicated to all New Jersey Nurses

This video is dedicated to all the New Jersey Nurses that have:

Dodged the bed pan filled with urine

Changed scrubs before the shift was over

Worked multiple hours of overtime due to short staff

Left a job because they were black balled into leaving

Gone on multiple interviews and not get one job

Commute over and hour after a 12 hour shift because of no jobs in their area

Worked the night shift groggy because of the noisy day time environment

Been sprayed with blood or other body fluids

Run from disillusioned patients trying to injure them

Worked sick because of fear of being reprimanded

Returned to work with a smile when you are fighting demons on the inside

Worked the holiday shift when you'd rather be home with family

Risked their lives during inclement weather

Had everything go wrong at the end of their shift

......Please feel free to add more to this list......

This video is for you!

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