Debating Between Two Great Schools in Upstate New York


Both schools offer great programs - four years to achieve an AS, RN, and BSN all at the same time. The schools offer identical programs (the 1+2+1 DDPN) that have you attending one general school in Years 1 and 4, and a nursing school in years 2 and 3.

The two schools are SUNY Polytechnic Institute (associated with St Elizabeth College of Nursing) and Le Moyne (associated with St Joseph's College of Nursing). I visited both colleges, and they, again, both seem pretty great.

The biggest difference that appeared to me is that the SUNY Poly one seemed a lot smaller and more intimate. It's also a public school (state university) so the people that go there seem to really want to be there. It's my first choice, right now, but I'm also looking at Le Moyne because it's a name school and the St Joseph's program seems to have a huge hospital with lots of more opportunities.

If anybody knows any information that might help me choose between the schools, that would be helpful!


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Have you decided on which college yet? I applied to both as well. I also applied to suny Delhi. I am leaning towards suny poly. How about you? It is so difficult to decide but I feel I will end up with one of the suny schools due to budget constraints.