Dealing with stress, advice please


I... am dealing with such intense stress right now.

I am currently taking pre-nursing classes. I finished my four year Anthropology program over the summer and am postponing my graduation until I finish my nursing program as well, since you are not eligible for federal loans after you obtain a bachelor's degree. Even so, loans are no longer available once you reach 180 hours. (I think? Is this right?) So, stressor #1 is that I will be well over 180 credit hours once I complete the nursing program. Where will I find funding to complete my education? I have absolutely no idea.

Stressor #2: Getting into the program itself. I currently have a 3.5 GPA. The average acceptance GPA for Georgia State U's nursing program is 3.75 (which is pretty insane for any program. That's how competitive our nursing school is). My plan is to apply for fall 2012, which means my application is due March 1. The only program is, the TEAS V has to be taken prior to the application's due date. I still have both Anatomy I to take in the spring and Anatomy II in the summer... which means I'll be taking the TEAS with basically no Anatomy knowledge. At least I'll have Microbiology?

I don't know, guys, I've never been this stressed. I thought my days of college applications were behind me, but now I've got this nursing school one looming over me.

Tips, please! Help! Drowning in worry.