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Dealing with bad coworker

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I am having problems with the nurse that I follow. She is covering my hall while another nurse is on maternity leave. There are 26 residents on this hall, and it is challenging. Every day when I come in, 2 feeding tubes are clogged. I always check them when I arrive, before I even accept report. She knows what I am doing but she sits at the nurse's station. Yesterday when I arrived, she was flirting with an ancillary service provider while I checked the tubes. I managed to unclog one of them, but I couldn't get the other one. I approached her to get report, but she dismissed me and proceeded to flirt for 5 more minutes while I was waiting to receive report. I received report and told her that one of the tubes was clogged. I asked if she could work on it after we counted narcs, because she'd have a little time left. She told me no because she isn't "allowed to have overtime and that would cause overtime". We counted narcs and she left. Most of our medications are packaged for the day in little pockets inside the cart. I noticed that all of the am medications were untouched for every resident who has a feeding tube, as they are every day when I follow her. I discussed this with my supervisor, who told me to go to the DON if I want to. There are other problems, such as BID dressings that I am the only one who changes. I am conscientious and always flush the G-tubes one last time before I leave. Even if my medications are passed late, they are always passed. I always change dressings. And I own my mistakes. I am tired to walking into a mess every night. This nurse is sometimes a supervisor, which makes me more hesitant to turn her in, but I can't see another solution. Anyone have some advice?


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Is she signing off the meds?Charting the dressing changes and flushes to g tubes? Just curious.