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Dccc 2016 program; How is it going?

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Hi guys,

How is your first semester going? Any pointers and descriptions on your first nursing class? Also, after you were accepted can anyone be so kind to explain the next steps you took to start your year (e.g., scrubs cost, orientation, work load of classes, etc.)

thank you


The first semester is over. It was demanding in terms of time. You get assigned readings for class, for SIM lab and assignments you do at clinicals. I also took A&P so I ended up being in class/clinical/lab almost 19 hrs a week. The majority of my classmates just took the Fundamentals course. You do get an 2 orientation dates in the spring where you get to choose your section (first come first serve- so go to the earlier orientations!), look at scrubs (about $18 for shirt and about same for pants), and they tell you what you need for vaccinations, when to do them by and give you a general idea of the class schedule.

The work load wasn't a lot of time, it was just a lot of readings. Don't expect to do it all the night before. Clinical Monday 6:45am-1pm, Tuesday Sim lab for 2 1/2 hrs (time dependent on section), and class Thursday and Friday 2hrs 9-11am for all sections. Try not do all of the A&P courses before starting. I did it, and ended up getting straight A's, but it wasn't easy. Most of my classmates ended up getting a B or C. You need 75 to pass. 75-82 is a C. 83-89 a B. 90+ an A.

Hope this helps! Oh and books are expensive!! $600-800 for first semester depending on where you get them, then another $400+ for second semester. You just have to be prepared to do the work, and make sacrifices. Your grade consists of 3 tests (20% each), Final exam (35%) and a HESI exam (5%). You can only miss one clinical day. Any more and you are out of the program. 2 Sim lab absences= one clinical day. If you are more than 20 minutes late, it's considered an absence.

Thank you so much for responding. All of this information has been so helpful. Are you in Chester county program or Marple? Also, for orientation, what is to be expected. And for sections is that considered the time of day you go to class? BTW how did you do on your first semester?

No problem at all. I know before I started, I had a ton of questions! I'm in the Marple day program. There are 3 day sections, and one evening/weekend at Marple. 32 people each in day sections. The sections differ in sim lab times. The class times are the same for all sections. Section 1- 8-10:30a, Sect 2- 12-2:30p and I think section 3 was 4-6:30p for sim lab. Class 9-11 for all sections. I ended up with an A in both Fundamentals and A&P, but most of my classmates seemed to be happy if they got a B. 2 people in my section dropped out because they weren't doing well.

You get two orientations in the spring. I think in March and May. The first orientation is in the big auditorium and they go over the steps you need to take until then, talk about the program, answer questions, and then you get to see the uniforms and place orders. The orientation in May is when you get to choose your sections. They will give a morning time and afternoon time on that day, and I believe they added another time a few days later for those who couldn't attend. But it is first come first serve, so if you go on the first day in the morning time, you will make sure you get your pick of the sections. Sections one and 2 were mostly filled up after that section, so the later arrivals just ended up getting stuck with what was left over. Actually, I don't remember if the uniforms were in the 1rst or 2nd orientation.

The first day of class is another orientation day. You just go over what's expected, and then the second day is when it really starts. You don't start clinicals until the first week of October. So on clinical day, you go to sim lab instead for 2 hrs.

Hey there! I hope all is well with your classes. Thanks again for all the valuable info you have disclosed.

So, I'm right around the corner to start my 1st semester in nursing school--super anxious and nervous.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to get through the 1st semester?

How are you doing so far? What are some things do you love and hate about this program?

Thank you!