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I interviewed over the phone today, and it went really well I think. I'll have to answer a questionnaire/essay and submit two reference letters from my instructors via email to them and then they will decide whether or not to bring me in to a formal interview. I asked which hospitals they were contracted with in my area (she wasn't sure, there are 3 in my area and she said several so I'm assuming all of them). She also explained that the plan would be to train us full time over the summer as hemodialysis PCT's to work in the acute/hospital setting. And then during our final year of school we would work part time or per diem. And after that, we would be offered a job and a 5k sign on bonus within 30 days of work.

My question is...is there any sort of contract that you must sign? I definitely want to work in the acute care setting, possibly critical care eventually, but I'm not positive about dialysis, especially since I want to work FOR a hospital. I would not mind at all working for them for a year or two, but what would it be like transitioning from that to med-surg or ICU?

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Good day, cbj:

While I don't have an answer, would you mind sharing how you got the interview? I've been applying to Davita (they have two locations near me) for the past several months now without getting an interview (I'm a RN student).

Thank you!


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I simply put in an application and they emailed me asking when I was available for a phone interview. I applied in November I believe and so it took about 2 months for them to respond. Still haven't gotten anything else about sending in professional references so I believe they chose not to continue with me. Its pretty frustrating.