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For nursing school I need Davis Drug Guide for Nurses 11th ed. (2008), which costs around $30. The 10th editon (2006) of the book I found for around $1.50 on amazon.com. Is it essential to have the newest up-to-date book on drugs or can I get by on the previous edition? I really want to save money, but at the same time I don't want anything that's too out of date. Thanks!

2006, in my opinion, is a little outdated. There could have been more information on drugs between 2006 and now and I think it is crucial to have the most up-to-date drug book if possible.


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Thank you! It looks like I'll "splurge" on the drug book!

I also forgot to mention that there could be newer drugs that have been added to the newest edition that were not included in the 10th edition. Personally I don't think spending that much money on a drug book every year or two is THAT bad... :)


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The 10th edition will probably do 99% of what you need, really. I have the 11th edition at home, but I've used the 10th edition (and older) at the hospital, and have never had trouble finding what I need. The few times I have had problems, it's been with drugs that aren't in the 11th edition either. In that case, I use the internet.

The way I look at older editions - if I can buy mostly older editions at dramatic cost savings, I'm still saving money if one of them ends up not working out and I need to buy a more recent edition.


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I have the drug guide on my PDA, which automatically updates for me. Funny thing is when we do lab at school, the instructors use such an old version of the book, that my calculations often come out different. So if it's ok for the instructors to use an old version (I mean like 15 years old), I don't see why you cannot get away with it too. If I were you, I'd get the cheap one.


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Thanks for the input guys!


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This is probably getting to you too late, but have you checked ebay??? I got my current lippincotts drug guide last fall for $8 + $4 shipping, and it had the CD. Just an idea.

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