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currently I'm residing in Southern IL, my fiancée had a job offer in Iowa, he's from cedar rapids so he's familiar with Iowa. But I'm from Texas and have only visited Tipton, Iowa. Could anyone give me any info on Davenport Iowa? Just how the town is, what is the cost of living, how far from Cedar Rapids is it and from Iowa City? Job opportunities for Nursing? I have a current IL LPN license how difficult would it be for me to get a nursing license in Iowa? Any info on Davenport would be appreciated. Thanks,

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I don't know the wages specifically in Davenport, but as a new RN it was comparable to jobs I interviewed for in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Dport is about an hour from Iowa City, hour and a half from Cedar Rapids. I work at the University of Iowa, and I know that there are some nurses who commute from Davenport - I wouldn't reccommend it though. LOTS of nurses commute from Cedar Rapids.

The cost of living in Iowa City is by far the most expensive of the three areas. Depending on where you look in Davenport it can get a little pricey too. I do like Davenport or the Quad Cities area. As with any large town there are some shady areas but it is mostly nice. I'm originally from just north of Dport so I've been there a lot. The job market is so-so. As a new grad it took me 4 months to find an RN job, but with experience I've heard it's much easier. And I don't think it will be too much of a challenge to get your license switched.

Good luck! Hope this helped a little.