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I am a Danish nurse with a BA degree - I have realized it is going to be a while until I can get my American license.

I am now trying to find out about working as a nurse assisant or something like that. Can somebody please help me with info of where to turn to?

I feel so lost here!!

Thank you


welcome !!!! I am an RN with 10 years of experience...and I think you would be an asset to any hospital in this critical time!!! First call the nearest American Red Cross and ask to get into a CPR class...then go to local nursing homes and hospitals and fill out all the applications you can..apply for Nursing assistant,lab phlebotomist,anything you can do...ususally they post jobs and thier descriptions. I would also call the Nurse recrutiers at these places and explain your dilemma. When you fill out the applications be sure to incluse a copy of your diploma...that is sure to help..best of luck to you!!!!I hope you come to love our country!!!!


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Hi Malene

I'm a Danish nurse in the exact same situation. What did end up doing?

Best regards,


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