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Dallas Nursing Institue

RedRose27 RedRose27 (New) New

I just want to know who will be attending this school?

When did/do you start?

How are your classes going?

What are some tips and advice you would give a future DNI student?

Any information would help

I start school July 11 im am excitedí ¼í¾‰í ¼í¾Š

Tuition is $27k thats about $20k in loans

Orientation on the 10th of July

Start on the 11th of July

1st two classes are A&P and Fundamentals of Nursing

Tuesday and Thursday & Saturday are clinical days on/off campus

If you need to know anything else just leave a comment

Wish me luck🎉🎉🎉

Hey i started in april but i go to Concorde. if you need any help i will be glad to help.


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Hey!...How do you like DNI? I am currently enrolled and I like am enjoying the program....keep me posted.