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Dallas Georgia-nursing Ratios

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Was Wondering If There Are Nurse To Patient Ratios. Which Hospitals Are Near Dallas Georgia? Are Hospitals 8 Or 12 Hour Shifts?

Thanks A Bunch!

Wellstar Paulding is located in Dallas, but if I am correct it only has 60 beds on one floor. I think they do 12hr shifts on the floor. They have a small ER, and a same day surgery unit. Mostly it is all nursing home. The nursing home side is 155 beds. They do 8hr shifts there. The only other hospital that is close is Wellstar Cobb in Austell. They probably have every shift since it is a good sized hospital. Hope this helps.

Most nurses from Dallas work at Wellstar Cobb, Paulding will soon be expanding. Most shifts are 12 hour hospital wide. Welcome to the area, Check with Wellstar.

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