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Dallas/Fort worth applicants for SPRING 2016


Hesi exam

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Hi guys!!!

I am new to this site but noticed there is not any current threads for applicants seeking admission to Dallas and Fort Worth areas! I am trying to apply to Tarrant County College as my first choice!!! My second would be El Centro! Although I doubt I will make the cut for ECC. Let me know what else you guys are looking at! Oh yea and Collin also! And Weatherford too! I have an A in all my sciences except I have not taken chemistry since most schools don't really require it. A also want to retake my hesi! I only got an 87:nailbiting: .My math was 98, A&P 80(I slacked thinking this was my strong point). And 88 in the reading and vocab.. Well anywho I really want to get into TCC for the spring 2016! Can't wait to talk to others!!!