Dallas Area: UTA vs Dallas College?

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Hello everyone! Just registered for this board. So I’m looking at UTA vs Dallas College for either nursing program, I live south of downtown so the locations work for me.  I am currently at the beginning process of submitting transcripts and meeting with advisors. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from a good school but my grades aren’t great.  I’m waiting to meet with my advisor next week to see which classes will xfer and what I will need to meet the prerequisites.  I’m looking ahead, but the possibility of being waitlisted is a consideration so I have also sent transcripts to Dallas College. I figure if I get waitlisted or worse it’s better to have spent much less money with DCCCD than UTA? Especially if each has different prerequisites for its nursing program? Or should I go all in for UTA? I don’t qualify for any kind of aid, so it looks like I’ll be paying out of my own savings account, I’m trying to minimize any financial gamble on my part. Any thoughts. Thanks in advance. 



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So a little update here. I am leaning to Dallas College because the point system they have lends itself to my being more competitive. Only 4 Pre Requisite courses and extra points for these “support classes” that I already have with my BS degree.