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CVRN Board Certification July 2015.

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Hello nurse colleagues:

I recently took the CVRN board certification exam given by the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine. There is not a whole lot of people from my inner circle who took this exam so I felt so disconnected and alone LOL! Good news: I passed it with a great overall score that is unexpected because the exam was verrrry difficult, I really thought I will not make it. For those interested, I highly recommend attending their 2-days of classroom review and then take the exam after you have fully digested the review content materials. They have kler EXG diagnostic topics that is worth learning diring the review, very complicated stiff bit you will get through it feeling knowledgeable with ECG reading and pacemaker interpretations. The best book I bought which I have read prior to sittimg for tje revoew course? Cardiac Nursing 6th Edition by Susan Woods. It has all the essential components! Good luck and I hope you all take it and pass it with flying colors! If I can do it, you can do it too! I also have a CCRN certification and someone asked me what's the difference in terms of difficulty level? From mg personal experience, CVRN and CCRN exams are both difficult and you need a sufficient amount of time, energy, and focus. CCRN will test you as a clinical ICU nurse while CVRN will test you on everything that you know about "cardiovascular" principles. I thought I knew everything about the "heart" but I was amazed to learn more through the CVRN review and exam! Do not pay cvrn review courses that are not from American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine because only this group can give you the exam after the review courses are done so attending their reiew is more convenient if you want to sit in their exam on day 2- which is the last day of the review course. Wish you all the best!!!