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Hey, I'm not sure if anyone has experience with this or not. I've been currently employed the last two years on an acute care an amazing hospital and have excelled during my time here and have made a very positive impression with excellent performance appraisals.

However, my probation for an incident that happened at a previous hospital over three years ago, goes into effect next week June 2023. My manager has taken me off the schedule while they submit the forms for work approval...I'm nervous that even tho they said they would support me during my probation, that HR may change their minds?? Has anyone experienced already being employed when starting probation in California? How did that go for you? Also, I've been hearing horror stories about getting work approval. That it can take months, instead of the three weeks my probation monitor has indicated. I've planned to be off for a month during this approval process. However, I'm so nervous that it will take longer or my employer will just give up on me?? Are there any union rules that protect against an employer terminating for something that didn't even happen at their hospital?? Also, if part of probation is to repay the board, and they require a minimum of 24hrs/week for a minimum of 6 could a person comply with that, if they don't have a job??? My probation is for a minor (in my opinion) HIPAA violation. I opened a chart of a patient not assigned to me - and did nothing with that info. Of course my anxiety has been through roof over all of this - so any help, anyone could give, with factual information - I would be eternally grateful. Thanks so much! 

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