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current student debating a W

by heatherlp2008 heatherlp2008 (New) New Student

I am currently enrolled in an ADN program. The school is very unorganized with current COVID happenings and my main professor (and advisor) is brand new. Even the dean is not helpful as far as answering questions and flexibility. (although we are expected to remain super flexible).  The same college offers the program in 2 locations. Currently the one I am in has clinic in an unfavorable location and I am stuck commuting an hour to class and over 2 hours to clinic.  With everything else going on in life, I am considering taking a W and reapplying to the other campus next year. I could live closer to campus, and get favorable clinic rotations and have help with my dog during those long days. (which I currently wouldn't have at the other clinic rotation).  Has anyone taken a W, reapplied and got in? of course I am nervous I wouldn't get reaccepted.  How important is clinic rotations? The "new" clinic rotations are also where I'd want to end up long term...