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Ok guys I need help deciding on if I should stay at my current job. I work in a Icu that see a variety of things I had interviewed at a very popular hospital two weeks ago for their cticu. And have recieved a offer. I had told the manager I had interest in going back to school but was not sure what I wanted to do yet, she asked me for two years commitment. I am ready to apply to anesthesia school early next year. I am worried that if I take this hot job she will not write me a letter of recommendation for crna school since I would have just started 6 months ago when I happen to ask because of the " two year commitment". I would be applying to school and would technically be there two years before the start of the program. I feel that me and my current manager have a good rapport and I am afraid of leaving for the unknown even though it would be a fantastic expierence. Please any input thank you!!!


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I would ask your old manager for your LOR instead of the new manager. This is what I did, since I was in pretty much your exact same circumstance! All of my employment related LOR came from my previous job. I had a new job about 7 months before my first application was due. I was never asked anything about not having my current manager write me my LOR.. Let me know if you have any questions.

Schools are pretty receptive to questions so you can always shoot them an email and ask if this is ok. The way I look at it.. They would rather have the reference that is going to be the best judge of you.. Not someone who doesn't know you very well and give you a generic letter... Just my opinion.