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I am a Registered Nurse returning to Long Term care after 4 years of acute care. I am looking for information on current wound care product for decubitus ulcers

Moonstone Mist

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Can I brag a little? We have been working very hard in getting control over our ulcers and have been successful in have NO ulcers. Yeah!! (Sorry couldn't resist)

The product that I like the best is Woun'dres made by Sween. It is an autolytic debriding agent that does not harm the healthy tissue surrounding the wound. It promotes healing by providing a moist environment.

It works well for us, but I guess you need to do trials to see what you like. Most manufacturers will provide samples if requested.

Good luck....Cynthia


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The only ulcers our facility has had to cure have come from the acute care environment. We were involved in a study through the Univ. of Iowa and Rita Franz. Rita has a web site which you should visit. Rita used a TENS unit for 30min. tid and wet to damp NaCl soaks. We have had success without failure using her protacol.


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There is a LOT of EXCELLENT info at

Check that out...


Judy T

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To Heather27. Very nice web site for wounds! Is a bookmark now. Thanks for the posting.


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Judy...I love that website...You can ask anything, and SOMEONE will answer ya! Dr. Freedline has just added a bunch of new forums that should go active by the end of the month, and Liza Ovington is an AMAZING source of resource material!! Glad you liked it..I frequent it!! cool.gif


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