CUNY Lehman pre-nursing student exploring options? NYC


Hi, im a current pre-nursing student in lehman college. just recently switched over from nutrition (was entering my senior year before i decided to switch) as far as my passion goes I love patients and the operations of the hospital so this was not a decision made solely on income desires. I'm poised to apply for the BSN program here at Lehman once i take Human growth and Microbio this fall as well as my HESI in the spring. I already know how competitive lehman is, so I want to be sure I expand any potential options to avoid having to sit out a year of school in hopes of re-entry. My current major GPA is 3.43 and while I anticipate getting As on both remaining classes, I do wonder would it be good enough to get in. Any advice? Suggestions for other options in case Lehman doesn't pan out. I live right by the school so its the cheapest option, however considering I prolonged my grad another year at this point I'd rather get into a program and finish this process as soon as possible. Any advice?