Cumulative GPA & PRE-req GPA & which program?


Hi Everyone, this is my first time using bear with me :saint:

I'm aiming to apply to a nusing program this comming Fall 08. I have a previous bachelor's degree, but my GPA was pretty low, ~2.6.

Now that I'm taking pre-reqs, I'm making mostly A's, my GPA is about a 3.7, although I'm not too sure.

I'm looking to apply to 7 programs all over the place and probably even out of state...any advice on increasing my chances of getting in? What did you who got accepted do?

Has anyone gotten into a program with my similar GPA gap (2.6 & 3.7)? Whats your overall GPA, and pre-req GPA, and what program did you get accepted into?

I'm just a little worried that my 1st undergrad GPA will screw me over. Sigh. :scrying:

Anything greatly appreciated! :loveya:


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Most programs calculate GPA by nursing prerequisites English, speech, human dev, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, nutrition, etc. As long as your gpa is 3.7 in all of your prerequisite courses you should get into a BSN program no problem. If any of your prerequisite classes have a lower grade you can retake them for a better grade. Some colleges don't count "in progress" courses so it will increase your overall gpa when you apply. Good luck!

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