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Hi everyone! I am applying to RN (BSN & ASN) programs starting this Spring semester. I'm planning on applying to all sorts of places, but Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN is one of my top picks because I found on their website that they admit students to their program three times yearly instead of just once like most programs in this area! I read somewhere that they accept all applicants that meet the program requirements (3.0 GPA, etc). I did not see that part on their website, so I'm wondering if it is true. Could anyone that attends/has attended their nursing program let me know about admissions and how they like(d) the program? Please and thanks! :)


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If you look up TN under U.S. there are a few posts about CU's program. I have also heard if you meet their minimum req you will be accepted, but the ones that I knew that went there had near a 4.0 going in. I will be transferring from Vol State into their nights and weekend BSN program. The college is expensive because it is private, but with good grades they give plenty of scholarship money.