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I applied for Fall 2018 Nights/Weekends. I already have an undergrad degree, and I am finishing up my nutrition class and chemistry class this summer (my last two prerequisites). I have a 3.0 and Overall 84 on Kaplan. Anyone else awaiting their admissions status?

I also applied for the program. Got my letter earlier this week! Have you heard back yet?

I applied for the Fall 2018 Days Program. I applied in May and much like you, I already have an undergrad degree. Well, I didn't hear from them until June 17th when I received an email for Nursing Candidacy Registration Day. But I hadn't at that point received an acceptance letter. So, I waited for that for a couple of weeks and finally called the admissions office because I was curious about what in the world was going on. Spoke to the head of the nursing department who assured me I had been accepted in MAY (!!) but letters hadn't gone out to a group of people yet.

Well, it's the Friday before my registration day. I still don't have an actual acceptance letter AND I received an email from the business office with a bill for the classes for which I'm registered. So, I logged onto the student portal, and sure enough, I'm registered for 14 credit hours. I'm totally fine with the schedule, but I thought that was the purpose of the registration day. I'm pretty confused. I'm also really concerned that this is indicative of their whole program and that doesn't make me feel "warm and fuzzy" about dropping $40k on a second bachelor's degree.

Hopefully, registration day goes better than the entire process thus far.

I really wish you guys well...I graduated from there not too long ago and if they hadn't undergone some massive changes at the school, I would steer you away from there. As I said, I graduated. I had a pretty high GPA. I passed NCLEX first time. All this being said, I really feel much of what I accomplished was in spite of them, not because of them. They went through a pretty big overhaul over the last year and I wish them the best. I think, as of 2018, they pushed out some of the dead-weight teachers (although they got rid of a few very solid ones, including psych, OB and Pharm, who will be missed). I had a friend who graduated last year and she said her Adult Health clinical was an absolute joke and the instructor in the class admitted she didn't know ER or trauma and literally brought in some guy off the floor to teach those two crucial classes. Needless to say that teacher got the boot but somehow wound up at Lipscomb University.

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