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Just a Rant. I attended school in NYS for my RN degree and was offered this dream job with lots of money compared to NY so i went and took the job in CT. I had CT become of orginal state of licensure and started working, well the dream job did not end up a dream job at all! and i obtained a job in NY. i applied for the NY license and it took them over a month to get everything correct, first problem which they never called me about but took and irate call from me asking where the paperwork was so i could start working, they replyed "well we're not your orginal state of licensure NY is" I'm like Ummm...no I am applying for NY i do not have a license there. so a sup eventually fixes this and resend out the paper work. So now later i take a job in Mass (I'm on the boarder of all 3 states) I faxed the paperwork to CT on 1/31 and it took them until 2/10 to send out the paperwork to Mass. problem is it never arrived! we'll i've called both states now since 2/14 to find out where the paperwork is even verifing over the phone with the people in CT the address they sent it to, they assured me it was the correct address. I left a msg with there supervisor to call me on 2/23 she called me the next day took the whole thing as a joke giggling that "things get lost all the time in the mail and they have to resend paperwork out all the time!? I'm sorry i don't see this as a joke. I am 5 months preg. i started this at 4 months i would love to start working asap before i have my baby.

second rant nothing to due with CT:

I left my previous job on 2/14 d/t extremely hostile work enviroment. I was criticized for goto to L&D during my shift for contractions. And criticized for calling my OB per the CN "how many times due to call your OB I know you called once before when you where here" I responced that i am a high risk pregnancy the first time a called 2 weeks back was d/t high heart rate of 160 with bp 170/high 90's ( oh btw when this was happening i told the CN on that night about it and she sent another nurse home d/t 2 patients expiring that night and made me stay) I was very angry to these questions how dare he question how much i speek to my OB the 2 times where for very valid resonds. So to give you an idea i had 3 patients during the night when the contractions started (i'm a ICU nurse) where another had 1 patient who was stable but the other nurses at the next desk did not like her and want her down there. So when i left they needed to fix the assignments. when i came back 3 hours later to find none of my charts had been touched, i had a Q1hour Patient on Pressure Gtts that was not followed, prior to me going to L&D i offered to report to the CN which nastly refuses. when i came back he expected me to start work again to which i refused and informed him i would not beworking until I met with my doctor on monday and i would not be back in for Sunday. I informed him that i would have a Drs noter. my husband heard this exchange he was standing out side of out ICU and became quite upset and supported me in my desison to leave that lovely place. oh well sorry to gab everyones ear off :rolleyes:

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