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Hi Everyone,

I’m planning to apply to Cal State Northridge for Spring of 2020. For those of you that have gotten accepted into CSUN’s ABSN program:

•What was your cumulative GPA and prerequisite GPA?

•How many volunteer hours did you do and what sort of work experience did you have?

•Do most people in the program have prior direct patient care experience? (LVN, CNA, EMT, etc.)

I had a 3.7 cumulative GPA in my undergrad, and a 3.2 prerequisite GPA. 

I’m very concerned about my chances of getting into CSUN’s program due to my prerequisite GPA.

I have been working for a hospital doing administrative work for 2 years. I have stellar letter of recommendations from very reputable physicians I have worked closely with. By the time I apply to the program, I plan to have approximately 80 volunteer hours shadowing physicians. Would this sort of volunteer experience be considered “patient care experience”?

Unfortunately I don't have an EMT, LVN, or CNA license so it’s difficult to get direct patient care experience without any sort of certifications. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to this forum! Crossing my fingers that I get accepted into CSUN’s ABSN program.


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