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Hello everyone! (: I just created an account and was wondering if, for those who have been accepted to CSUN's ABSN program could give me an idea of how they went about with the application process and what you think will make you a competitive applicant, what kind of grades/experience did you have? Thanks!

I am a recent graduate and was accepted 2 years ago. GPA from my first degree is 3.67, GPA from prerequisites is 4.0, and zero medical-related volunteer/work experience. I think they give a lot of weight to your essay as I imagine a lot of applicants have above-average GPAs. Also, those who have experience as a CNA or EMT have a big advantage. Volunteering can also make you stand out as well. Good luck!

Since you are a recent graduate of CSUN, can you tell us your experience for finding a job.

Besides rn new grad programs, what are other hospitals hiring no experience ne grad nr?


Hello SABCAL! It's been tough finding a job as a new grad RN here in California. As of right now, out of the 20 who graduated from my cohort, about 12 are working as RNs in an acute care setting. Add to that 4 who currently have offers (which includes me) and about to start this fall, also in an acute care setting. It is really tough, but not impossible. Volunteering in the hospital of your choice helps, it gets you at least an interview which can also be difficult to get since there are usually a few hundred applying for a limited number of spots. Having previous healthcare experience also helps from what I noticed. And of course, connections and networking! All of those things I didn't have so it took me this long to finally land a job.

There are few hospitals hiring new grads without going through a program, unless you've been working there as a CNA, monitor tech or unit secretary. However, LA County hires plenty of new grads for their RN 1 position, which is the offer I got recently. I highly suggest creating a profile in their website so you can get alerts for RN 1 posts. Good luck!

Really appreciate your kind information.