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CSULB's lottery system??!! quick question

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I live in Massachusetts currently because I am helping a family business but my primary area of residence has been CA for the past ten years. I would like to apply to CSULB spring 2011 nursing but am only interested in the trimester program.

I am also taking classes to finish up a BS this fall. I can only finish it this fall, as I have a scholarship that expires.

So, I will be flying to long beach for the initial interview, and the lottery (to see if you get into the 2 year trimester or 3year program).

I have some questions about the sequence of the CSULB nursing admissions process.

So I will need to fly to CSULB for the 1) interview 2) lottery 3) drug screen?

I only plan on attending CSULB IF I can get into the trimester program.

Do I do the drug screen , purchase uniforms, books, everything BEFORE I do the lottery, or AFTER I do the lottery?? I plan on withdrawing my seat if I only get into the three year program.

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If you're finishing your BS, then you must apply for the MSN program. You cannot apply to a BSN program to LB if hold a Bachelors, to apply to the MSN, just have ur GRE, ect.

Brian C.

(CSULB student)

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