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Hi, I'm about to start my 2nd year of prenursing this fall and I wanted to know if I would have a chance to get into the nursing program at csulb. So far I haven't taken any science prerequisites but I'm hoping to this summer. My GE gpa is a 2.5. Dx its pretty low I know but if I somehow managed to get a 4.0 in my science prerequisites and do well on the TEAS test do you think its possible for me to get accepted into the program?

Ill appreciate all the help, thanks.

Is 2.5 your GPA for just your Quantitative Reasoning, Oral Communication, College Composition, and Critical Thinking classes?

If so, you can't apply. You need at least a 3.0 in your G.E. GPA to be eligible to apply.

Yes it is. >,

Thanks for the reply.

You can still do nursing. Have you thought about other schools? If you're interested at staying at CSULB, you could always get a degree in something else, and then apply for their Entry Level BSN/MSN program. Don't give up on nursing if it's really your dream!

Thanks, I dont plan on giving up. Im actually thinking of getting my ADN at LBCC then transfering into the ADN to BSN program at CSULB.

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Moved to California State Nursing Programs where you might get more response from some other CSULB students. Look around in this forum. There are other threads here about CSULB. Good luck!!

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