Csula /csuci / ventura / moorpark college


Hello all,

I am in a pretty stressful situation and can't seem to find the answers I need, so I am hoping some of you can help out. I am currently a student at Oxnard and Ventura college where I am in the process of completing my pre-reqs for nursing. I didn't do so well in Anatomy on my first attempt so I retook it and ended up passing with a B on my second try. I passed Physiology on my first attempt with an A and am currently enrolled in Microbiology but I am very very unhappy with my test scores so far and the professor isn't the greatest. He doesn't lecture -spends his whole class time surfing the web for whatever reason. There have been about 8 people who have dropped that course so far and I think I am next. I am just not sure if it is the best decision since I know many nursing schools have a limit on repeated courses in order to be considered for the nursing program. At this point, I would rather take a W and assure myself a better grade next semester rather than taking a C (if even possible) and having it affect my GPA. I have e-mailed various nursing counselors in nearby schools but haven't heard back from any. Does anyone know how many retakes CSUCI and Moorpark College allows? I am honestly open to any schools so if anyone knows of any other schools that allow more than one retake that would greatly help as well!