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Csuf, Csulb, or jc nusing program...

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Hello All!

I'm currently a pre-nursing student at csuf. Does anyone know anything about the undergrad RN-BSN program here? I went to the info session and it made me even more confused. Supposedly its REALLY new and starts officially fall 2008...and its REALLY impacted (big surprise)...and they only accept 40 applicants ONCE a year-no waiting list YET...as opposed to the el-msn program which takes 60.

Well anyways...My predicament has me pretty lost. i'm pretty much done with anatomy and my organic chem. All i have left are microbio and physiology coming spring 08. i've finished all my pre-reqs in speech, english, critical thinking, college algebra with all A's...except math...c+ there. I'm looking at a b in both anatomy and organic chem. oh and im taking the teas next month.

I've been considering csulb because they're more established and MAYBE my chances would be better. ALSO! if that doesn't work out...i wanted to try saddleback or sac. which programs do you recommend preferrably in the orange county/LA area?

thanks a million for reading!

(can you tell all the couselors i try to visit are always out to lunch or have checked out for the day?) hahaha

I graduated from the CSULB program last December. Considering how hard it is to get into ANY nursing school, I strongly recommend you apply to CSULB and any other jcs that you have prereqs for. When I was going to school there, the program was expanding rapidly and it was definitely disorganized but I hear that it has improved in that regard and they have added a lot more staff. I enjoyed my time there, disorganization and all. Good luck!

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