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CSU Stanislaus Fall 2020 Pre-nursing applicants

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Hi, my name is Tonya. I applied for CSU Stan Fall 2020 nursing program. This is my second time applying. The first time I was waitlisted but I'm hoping I get in this semester. 

I didn't score high on my TEAS (79.3%) but I have a 4.0 science GPA, 4.0 non-science GPA, and a 3.95 overall GPA. 

I am CNA certified, I live in one of the surrounding 5 counties, and I'm bilingual (however, I didn't mark it on my applications because I thought I had to be fluent in communicating which you don't have to be!)

I am currently registered for 3 classes for Spring 2020 (this is my first semester attending) but the nursing director said that I will get the points for completing 9 units because by the time they look at the application, it will be almost the end of the semester. So if this is your first semester at Stan and you're taking at least 3 classes, you'll get the extra 10 points on your nursing application. 

If I tallied my points correctly, I'll be applying with 101-102 points. I hope it is good enough to get me in. Laurie said that people who have been applying have been applying with up to 115 points! 

What about everyone else? Who else applied? What are your stats?

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