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Hi everyone!

Does anyone know how difficult it is to get into CSU San Marcos' accelerated bachelor's in nursing program?


I am not familiar with that school in particular but the CSU system is an absolute mess right now so I am going to assume that, yes, it is probably very difficult to get into. If you're a transfer student it is going to be even harder since they already halted transfers for this Spring. I know my local CSU, Cal State LB, is almost impossible to get into as a transfer. Also as of Fall 2013 all majors at CSULB will become impacted and on the news it has been saying that the CSU system might have to cut over 6,000 students in the next year if they don't find any money soon. I don't mean to discourage you but it is scary out there for college students now. I personally am not even going to apply to any CSU's for nursing and am instead going for CC nursing programs since I have done all of my general ed and pre reqs there. Good luck! You're most likely (like the rest of us) gonna need it! :heartbeat

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Nursing programs in CA are, in general, difficult and very competitive to get into! Buuuuuuuuuuut do NOT let this deter you from applying. I have been applying to ABSN programs for over a year and a half... and i bearly got my acceptance for the Spring 2014 Cohort at CSU SM. I am also a transfer student! So keep at it, Best of Luck!!!!

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