CSNs verses RNs/LPNs duties and wages

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Our district has changed to try having LPNs at each school with CSNs covering.For now 1 CSN will cover two buildings/ 2 LPNs. There is a huge difference in pay with the CSNs in the teachers union and the LPNs in a different union. The LPNs will make about 1/4 what the CSNs do, no pay over the summer, only days worked. The CSNs will have a different job description with separate duties but the LPN will cover day to day things which can be a lot. How do other districts do this? I am an RN and I sub with one semester to be a CSN so I cannot see working as an LPN at this point. I think I am better off subbing for a higher daily wage since I don't need benefits. Another issue is should an RN work under a job description as an LPN in this instance?