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Hey everyone, I wanted to make a CSN Spring 2023 discussion since the deadline is approaching. I met with a health advisor and they said for the past year they haven’t had much people applying. Apparently only 50-60 people applied/accepted last semester even though they can admit 112! I’m just really excited to be admitted into a nursing program after 2 years of pre reqs! It feels like it’s taking forever LOL. 
However, I still have to take the TEAS. Did anyone take the new version yet? I took the HESI and got a 96.5% on that, but I heard the TEAS test is a bit more difficult than the HESI.

Without the TEAS added to my score, I have 25 points so far. What points are you all applying with? Hopefully we all make it!


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I am also applying for Spring 2023. I took the TEAS but it was not the new version. I got an 89.3 overall score. I'm in my last pre-req class right now during Summer. If I pass this class (micro 251) with a B then I'll have 28 points. I am applying to the extended track though and it says they only take 16 people. Hopefully, the applicants for that are down too


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When I met the advisor, she said the average point of acceptance is 21, ofc it may vary but 25 w/o TEAS is competitive enough. I know it's already too late to leave this comment for you but if you got a 96.5% on HESI, you'll be totally fine. I studied for both of them and I don't think TEAS is harder than HESI. Good luck!

I’m applying too! With my TEAS I have 25 points (missing the communications points unfortunately, stupid UNLV). I got an 82, but even if I retake I would only go up 1 point  (maybe 2 depending on my grade). 

I found the TEAS to be much harder in terms of anatomy. 


Good luck, hopefully we both get in! 


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Hey everyone time is flying by quick! Thanks for the replies! I took the TEAS a few days ago and scored an 86%, so I’m applying with 28 points. I’m really excited! Good luck to you all applying! I wonder when they will send out acceptances !!


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I hope everyone here got accepted! I got my letter Thursday!


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Let me add some details for future reference. Because it was so hard to find information about CSN Nursing, unlike UNLV, NSC, and Roseman.

My GPA was 3.8, TEAS average was 78ish (80 in Reading, 100 in Math, 65 in Science, 75 in English...something like that. I don't remember the exact score)
I did not have any experience, so I didn't get any extra points from that.
My total point was 25, and I got accepted for Roseman with exactly the same score. But I declined their offer since it was the SJ campus. I wanted to stay in Vegas. I didn't apply to UNLV because it was too competitive to get in and I didn't want to take HESI. I was too lazy to prepare for two different exams LOL... I couldn't apply to NSC because they don't accept international students.

I submitted my application in the middle of August (The last day of submission was Sep 1st, 6 pm) and I got my acceptance letter on Oct 20th. And two months later, which is December 20th, there will be the first mandatory orientation for new nursing students.

Hope this can help someone who looks for information! 


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Hey, Just sharing a CPR class that was quick and easy for those looking for one. The instructor was super nice and was the owner of the small business.



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Do they make all transfer students take the TEASE, even if they already have a BSN or Masters for their nursing program?