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Just curious if any present or past CSN students have any advice on how to pick a clinical site and/ or any sites that you prefer?? Scheduling is coming up and I am not quite sure how to choose (although I figure that this first semester will be a huge learning experience with plenty trial and error) Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!!

You will be doing your "patient pickup" on Monday afternoons and you have tests on most Mondays also. For me, by the time I finish getting my info, I'm pretty tired but still have to go home and work for a couple of hours to put stuff together for the next morning's pre-clinical conference. If it's an option, you might want to try to pick a location that is convenient or en-route from the CSN campus to your house. Also, you will have to be at clinicals at 7:30 AM (6:30 for some locations) so you might want to take that into account, too.

Thanks Beejaycee,

I actually live in Ponchatoula, but think that Ochsner kenner or EJ would be a better choice for me than St. Tammany. If I am in the city on Monday, it will be more beneficial to me to be at a hospital down there. St. Tammany's closeness to ponchatoula will not be as beneficial when I have to do patient pickup!! It will be close enough to CSN, and only about 35 min. away from my house. Thanks for the info and times, it will really help me make my decision....being a "commuter" student and all:)

Hey brittany, its Melissa, the girl that was in the same advising meeting with you. Where did you take ur clinicals? I am at oschner in kenner

Hey Melissa!!! Good to find you on here!I'm at Ochsner Kenner too! Yay:) Ready for orientation tomorrow???

Yep I'm ready, just hope I can get things straight with my job schedule before January! What section are you for clinicals?

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