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CSI Private VN School in Norcal

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Iam just wondering if anyone has ever heard of CSI, its located in Vacaville ca. Been hearing a lot of good things about it, just want a 2nd opinion. I plan on attending there in a few months, just wanted to know if anyone has ever applied/or graduated from there. The cost is pricey, around mid 30's, but 30 if you have pre req's.

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I realize this is an old post. But wanted to put my opinon on the forum in case anyone else was looking at this college.

CSI in Vacaville, CA is indeed pricey ( 36K no preq, 30K with preq already completed) and I don't feel it is worth the money.

It actually depends on your learning style. I like to have homework assignments, projects, quizzes, plenty of hands on experience, and actual lecture to assist me in learning such an important concept as nursing. There was none of that at CSI. You are judged only on your test taking abilities. And with no guidance to what needs to be learned 90% of the class compsing of 30 people was constantly failing the tests.There is no reinforcement and no actual learning taking place.

I think the practical side may be easier if you are already a CNA because as someone with no previous nursing experience I felt I was thrown out into clinical setting with little training and guidance.

I would caution those who would like to attend this school, unless you already have a solid background in nursing and just want to get in, take your test, and get out. Otherwise, I suggest you look elsewhere for a comprehensive education.

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