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Hi, I am from MI but am staying in Ohio for a quarter or two. I was looking at taking some courses at columbus state and almost all the ones I need are filled. Do many people drop as it gets closer to pay? I am really hoping to get into BIO 261. What does it mean when there is a number like -5 next to available seats? Thanks!


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The -5 means that there is 5 more people than there should be in the class. Wait till midnight the day when the fees are due and see if people get dropped that don't pay. The best way to get into a popular class is schedule on CATS at midnight the first day of scheduling, that is what I do. The anatomy class you are talking about is one of the popular ones that gets filled up fast.


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Thank you for your reply. I actually happened to check the quarter schedule at the right time and saw an opening for 261 so I got in. Thanks again!

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