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My dear sister in law had melinoma 20+years ago , about 1-half years ago her back started to hurt lower back pain we where vacationing together, the whole clan I asked her about her back she told me she had been to chiropractor but he didn't help PCP put her on steriods for a while didn't help much and as soon as she got back he wanted a cat scan done they found a good sized tumor right off of her spine,,, had surgery to remove ... grew back. chemo helped to shrink but Its never really left .next they are doing 3 more chemos then freezing in hopes to remove there is no mets at this time God bless this brave woman I had the flu for 2 days and sent her flowers and told her she was a superhero.........Just wondering about the cryo any good out comes? from what I understand this itself is a mets from original melinoma from her arm 20+years ago amazing... She is in MI so I don't get to see her, last was in the summer quit a bit of backside gone but if you knew her she's like" the Dr. said you know they make underware with built in pads to give you a little shape,,she says why Dr. are you saying my butt looks funny,, gee thanks for lookin! she is 46 yo thanks:mad:

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My best wishes to your sister-in-law and her family.

I am not familiar with cryosurgery for melanoma, but do know that most of the "standard" treatment options for other cancers are ineffective against this awful disease. The medical community has been challenged to get "creative" in treating it.

I was sucessfully treated for melanoma 10 years ago, and have kept my records current with the facility where I was treated, in case, God forbid, I should have a recurrence. They were researching a number of treatment options, including a melanoma vaccine, and I would want to have access to those treatments if the need should ever arise.

I'll keep your SIL in my prayers.


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Jolie. Thank You

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