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Here is the issue: I am a 2-year RN who has returned to school for my BSN which I get on May 3rd :roll Now I want to go to school to become a nurse anesthesist. I have no critical care expereince so I would need to get onto a critical care unit for at least a year then apply. I may or may not get in. But if I enlist into the Army and take their critical care course I can expect to be enrolled within 18 months. The recruiter told me that of the 35 people that applied last year 34 were admitted. :eek: Those are darned good odds. I think I have a better chance getting with the Army. Plus the Army has told me that I can retire in 20 years with a pension of half my salary for my lifetime. No hospital can offer that. Plus the medical and dental benefits can't be beat. If it sounds like I've made up my mind I haven't :confused: I would like your honest opinions.

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