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CRNA school

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I'm a nursing student graduating with my BSN next Spring. I have an ICU externship and I'm hoping to get hired after graduation. God willing I will graduate with a 3.7+ GPA.  I know I have to take the CCRN so that's something I need to focus on too. I'm curious about CRNA school and the many opportunities available of autonomy. I'm of course a little  nervous about the huge  responsibility but I'm triggered and open to see more about this profession. During my OR rotation, I had the amazing opportunity to shadow a CRNA and I really liked it. He also had a CRNA student and they were both so confident; the profession really amazed me.  I'm a volunteer for the Red Cross and Medical Corps. I'm a mom of 2 but I have a good support system. The down side to this is that I'm a DACA student and I'm worry how this could play in with financial aid. I just found out about USAGPAN. Does anyone have any comments about this? I'm looking for more options. I might be dreaming too big but I'm a very hard working woman and I'm 100% motivated. 

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Hi! I have a question! how long does it take to become a CRNA? Also, what are the steps to become on? 

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In some states, the opportunities are very limited. For example, I live in California. In certain counties, you are not able to practice to your full extent and it was difficult to find a job after graduation. 


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I live in texas!