CRNA school for NP with low undergrad GPA

by kfm1819 kfm1819 (New) New Nurse

Specializes in SICU.

First undergraduate degree: Biomedical Science with 3.17 GPA

Second undergraduate degree: Nursing with 3.14 GPA (accelerated 1 year program)

Masters degree: MSN in Primary Care NP with 3.6 GPA

Work experience: SICU 3 years, Pediatric Float pool PRN 9 months, Contract ICU Float 9 months, Contract Float (can float to unit, current) pool 9 months, NP (endocrinology (8 months) and pain management(current, 2 months))

Certifications: CCRN, BLS, PALS, ACLS

I have been a single mom since I was 19 years old. I was also an athlete during my first undergraduate which factors into why my GPAs were low in my two undergraduate degrees. I have tried to make up for it with my MSN and experiences. I currently work as both an NP and at bedside in float pool doing contracts. I have always wanted to be a CRNA, but I was previously been unable to move for school. My situation has now changed and I want to follow my dream.

Do I have a decent chance to get into CRNA school? 
Is there anything I should do to strengthen my application or should I not worry about it?

Thank you guys for any help!