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CRNA school application advice

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I was looking for some feed back on what else but excel my application when I apply to schools this fall. I will have 2.3yrs of ICU experience when I apply. 1.2yrs from a neurosurgical ICU and 1.1yrs from a Medical ICU. I have an GPA of a 3.78 and a science of 3.72. I’m working currently on taking the GRE. I’m part of a committee at work and I’m also apart of our rapid and code team in the hospital. It’s a level 1 trauma center with 750 beds. I just became a clinical preceptor and working toward getting trained to do CRRT in the next month or so. I have my CCRN and my SCRN from when I was working with stroke patients. I was also planning on taking my CMC but wasn’t sure if it would add any value. Just looking for any advice or from people who are in school if I seem competitive enough to at least get an interview opportunity.

Thank you!

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