CRNA Pre Req Questions


First of all thanks for any and all help I appreciate it! I am currently finishing my ADN and am getting ready to start my BSN. My ADN program did not require me to take Chemistry before entering the program. I am enrolled in a Chemistry course starting next month and will take Organic Chemistry the semester following that. I was also not required to take MicroBiology or statistics. It looks like most CRNA school don't require Micro but should I take it anyways? Also should I just plan on taking a statistics class? And if so is just an introductory statistics course what I should take?

Also in 2015 I got a C in a Genetics course and a C+ in Biology 1620. I am wondering if these two courses will be factored into my overall science GPA or if CRNA schools look more at your chemistry and A&P courses. I currently have a 3.5 GPA in my ADN with my lowest grade being a B. I am just wondering if it would be worthwhile to retake that Biology course or should I just focus on getting A's in chemistry courses.

Once again any help is awesome I am going to be a CRNA one day I am just hoping you can all help me out a little. Thanks