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CRNA and personal life

I have a question about being a CRNA and balancing that with family life.

I am currently working in the ICU and since I was in my first couple months of nursing school I have wanted to become a nurse anesthetist. I have shadowed a CRNA and now I am loooking into different schools. I know CRNA school is one of the hardest things to do (I only know from talking to other people of course :)

but I am trying to figure out what life is like out of CRNA school.

Currently my husband and I have no children, but we would like to in the future. Is it possible to find a part-time job as a CRNA right out of school, or possibly aftering working full-time for a year or two or even going to per-diem while your kids are young? When I have kids in the future I do not want to be shipping them off to daycare all day if I can at all help it; I am trying to make sure the field I choose will allow me to do this.

Also as a CRNA, once a person has gained a bit of experience is it difficult to find a job that doesn't make you do nights or weekends and that offers a more regular schedule than floor nursing? I am sure this could depend from job to job, I am just trying to figure out quality of life issues.

I would love to hear from any of you mom's (or dads) who have done the CRNA route and how it works with your families. This is one of the last questions I am trying to answer before I seriously start persueing becoming a CRNA--thanks in advance for taking time to answer my post.

Hey there. I think being a CRNA can be great with a family, as long as you find the right job. My hospital has over 70 anesthetists, who all do different kind of schedules. It comes out every quarter, and you can change what you work every three months. Many moms do 16 or 24's, so they have lots of time at home. Many have nannies and do three 12's, and if your hubby has a "normal job and hours" that puts your little ones with the nanny only 8-9 hours, 3 days a week. My point is that with the right job and flexible schedule, you can work a few days a weeks, and have lots of time at home.

My classmate in my CRNA program has a wife who is already a CRNA and she had no time finding a job for .6 time out of school. She doesn't do any call or weekends and has a very flexible schedule. I think you will find being a CRNA much more accomodating than being an RN.

Good Luck

Thanks for your replies--what you have told me is encouraging.

A very good friend of mine works M-W-F 8 hours, has a 4 year old son. She has the best of both worlds. A few acquaintances of mine who just began jobs as CRNA's are working 3-12 hour shifts...that is my goal when I get out. Good Luck

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