CRNA(Nurse Anesthetist) or paramedic in Berlin/Germany


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I´m from Sweden and i have been a RN for a bit over 2 Years, working in a semi-large swedish hospital with most of the disciplines, Internal medicine, surgical and orthopedic. I have 5 weeks till completion of my CRNA-degree.

I am also thinking about moving to Germany and Berlin. Is there any possibility to work with anesthesia for nurses in Germany? In sweden, as in USA and Norway for example, Nurse Anesthetists have a very high level of responsibility and self reliability, but is that available in Germany as well? I could also imagine working as a Paramedic or similar pre-hospital care, how is the organization of that in Germany? In Sweden it is quite common for CRNA's to work with the paramedics since we have an advanced degree of education.

Thanks in advance