CRNA or NP? (If NP, what kind?)


Hello. Im a BSN, RN, with 4 yrs of nursing exp, (2 years of ICU experience, alongside a perdiem PACU exp as well.) After I take my CCRN this year, Im planning to go and take my MSN/DNP probably next year. Although, I'm still torn between being an NP vs Nurse Anesthetist. And if Im going as an NP, what kind of NP? (AG ANP vs AGPCP vs FNP) could you guys help me out? Im thinking about the ACNP actually, although primary care sounds interesting too.

Also, Im also concern about the hours, they say if you're nurse practioner, you get calls in your off from work regarding orders, while CRNAs, you just work in your assigned shift and then when you home or off, you really are off. While CRNA is where the big bucks are, while NPs, not so much of a difference from having 2 regular RN jobs (fulltime and partime or fulltime and perdiem).Lol they say NPs have more work and stress but less money, compare to nurse anesthetist that has less stress and work (intubate, sedate, monitor), but more money. They say might as well do 1 full timw and a perdiem or part time. That sums up an NPs salary anyway.

And if im doing NP, I like the excitemebnt that acute care has, considering i have ICU experience, but Im also interesting doing promotion and prevention for patients. Thats why im torn between. My co-nurses at work say i should follow what i want, ths thing is, i dont know.

Could you help me out guys. Thanks. :)