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Just wanted to get some thoughts on this situation. I am applying to graduate school (CRNA of course) and I have my BSN but I also have another degree, Associate Degree in Art, post nursing. So, I can see two sides to this 1) that I am well rounded and interested in other things 2) that I am not completely dedicated to my nursing career.

I am really dedicated to nursing, but I enjoy other things too. It seems to me that a lot of CRNA hopefuls have really known that they want to go back to school to become a CRNA early on and have tailored their career towards that goal. I worry that the 2nd degree, non nursing related, will be detrimental.

So, what do you think out there? Is this even an issue. Anyone else applying for CRNA school with a random degree, post nursing?


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A friend of mine will be attending Sam Merrit's program this fall. His "other" degree he got after his nursing degree is in audio engineering (mixing music). It's funny, after asking him the "usual" questions, the interviewers were asking him about music. I wouldn't worry about it, it may give you and the interviewers something else to talk about.

Just my 2 cents.


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