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I have been perusing through the general nursing discussion of this forum and have constantly seen and read a large number of posts of job dissatisfaction among nurses. I wouldn't be surprised if, after reading these posts, a newbie or a student nurse second-guess themselves with regards to their career choice.

However, I have not yet seen any of the kind in this area. Are the CRNAs out there really satisfied with their jobs and wouldn't trade it for anything? Or they have a lot less to gripe about because of the nature of the job, such as more autonomy and better pay, than your average RN?

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Most CRNAs I know are very professional and are not complainers. There are probably many reasons including the two you mentioned, autonomy and pay. Also anesthesia is challenging, exciting and not at all routine. There are less "clipboard" type of supervisors or inane policies mandated. We are expected to keep up with the profession, read, attend meetings and to give excellent patient care. There is satisfaction to all of the above.

I also believe that the competitive process for admission to schools, the heavy science curriculum and focus on clinical expertise all lead to people who really want to go this direction. It also helps to have a strong professional organization supporting us and a strong presence in Washington DC and state capitals.

In my practice, I have no one to complain to, so I just go about my work and practice my yoga.



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One of the most attractive reasons for becoming a CRNA is that I don't think I have ever met a CRNA that did not love what they did. The positive attitude towards the profession is contagious and has made me really want to be part of it. As one program director told me, "CRNA's are their own best recruiters". She got that right!


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As a group of professionals, CRNAs do not tend to "air their dirty laundry".

Even so, the number of satisfied CRNAs far outweighs those that are unhappy in the profession from my own anecdotal observation.

It is interesting to note that the few CRNAs I have spoken with that dislike their role also admit that they pursued the profession for a paycheck. Note the lesson here: if chasing money is the only reason why you want to be a CRNA, think long and hard about your plans.

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I believe that if you are upset or concerned about somethng job related, then you fix the problem, not complain about it.

I am a do-er. If i'm not happy, I fix it, not complain.

I believe that is a trait of a CRNA.

I will remind you that most nurses are women and they tend to "gripe" but are afraid of change. Sad isn't it?

(I'm a girl, by the way) :)


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I will remind you that most nurses are women and they tend to "gripe" but are afraid of change. Sad isn't it?

(I'm a girl, by the way) :) [/b]

I'm a girl too...and I TOTALLY agree with you!!!!


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