CRNA Fall 2013 - Interested in Military (specifically AF and Navy) CRNA


(posting comments on behalf of my husband)

I am an ICU nurse with 2.5 years of experience that will be starting a CRNA program in the fall. I am very interested in looking at the active duty military - primarily the Air Force and the Navy. I will be attending one of the more expensive NA programs in the country and the tuition reimbursement as well as the guaranteed work experience following my program appeal to me greatly. I am also interested in the opportunities involved, including living abroad and travel. What are the pros and cons to signing on with one of the branches of the military prior to starting school? What have people's experiences been in active duty military with deployments, families, and assignments? What can I expect as a new CRNA for placement and location? Which branch is preferable for CRNAs? I have read that the air force has more independent practice guidelines.

Any other advice you would offer to someone in my position? Thanks in advance!



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I can speak a little about the process applying for the scholarship and how program works while in school. There are many other great forum members that can talk about how the actual practice is as an active duty CRNA. My first advice would be to apply now. Start talking with a recruiter and get your application moving. The process is very long.. and the sooner you apply, the more benefit you will receive.