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Here is a current offer on the table near where I live. I am just throwing it out there to see what others think of the offer. I haven't decided what I will do yet.

The contract with a local hospital is offering $4,160 per calendar year for each year you give them in return. They are also giving $33,000 per year in stipend per year to help with expenses. The stipend is pro-rated along with the tution forgiven, meaning that what they forgive in tuition after graduation, they forgive the same percentage of the stipend. Employees of this institution get to keep their benefits, which is deducted off of the stipend, and employees also retain sick time, and one week of vacation time upon return. Candidates are also eligible for bonuses & recruitment perks when finished with school as well as the newest competitive salaries.

If one decides not to work at said institution, the tuition and stipend are to be repaid at no interest at the end of graduation in a lump sum (which ends up being a whopping lump sum-see below).

Here's my dilemma in considering this institution:

School 1: costs 40-45,000 dollars in tuition, which equates to about 10 years. I would be able to live at home where I am now and do my clinical where I live.

School 2: costs 20,000 dollars in tuition, but would require a move to a bigger city 3 hrs away, and probably a lot more travel for clinicals, and much higher cost of living. This equates to about 5 years worked in return however.

Just thought I'd give you something to think about. Thanks for the responses if there are any.

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